Buy Web Signature ASP.NET Server Control

Thank you for considering to buy a license of this software! You can capture customer signature within few minutes!

We receive payment from Paypal service. You can pay us with or without a Paypal account. We will process your order within one business day and you will receive the license file through email. Please provide your CORRECT domain name or server macaddress. Once an order is processed, we cannot send out another license file. All sales are final and there is no return or refund.

If you do not run ASP.NET web server but you want to capture customer signature online, you still can use our service. We provide web signature capturing hosting service. If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us!

By purchasing the license below, you are accepting the license agreement. All of the licenses can be used by many developers for working for applications of the purchased domain or server.

License Description New License Upgrade
Free License You can only use WebSignature in localhost webserver, http://localhost/. Evaluation text will be added in the captured images. Free
Domain License and are considered as one domain name, but is considered as a different domain. A domain license cannot be used on a website for providing online web signature service which requires a redistribution license.



Server License We identify server by server name or server mac address. Please provide your server mac address or server name. You can use command ipconfig/all in DOS to find your server mac address and server name. With a server license, unlimited websites hosting on the server can use the server control. However, web signature hosting service website is not allowed. 



Redistribution License You can redistribute the server control in your product with a redistribution license. You can setup a hosting service website to provide online web signature service with a redistribution license. contact us contact us
Hosting Service If you do not run ASP.NET web server, we can provide signature hosting service for you. You can use our web service to capture your customer's signature. contact us contact us