Web Signature Pad Setup: Very Mininum on Server Side; Nothing on Client Side

Client Side Setup

Support All Major Browsers Nothing, absolutely. The Web Signature Control only requires a mouse, and an Internet Browser with javascript enabled. The Web Signature Control supports ALL of the major browsers including IE (version 5.5+), Firefox (version 1.5+), Safari (version 3.0+), Opera (version 9.0+) and Chrome (version 1.0+). This web control works for some mobile phone internet browsers such as Opera Mini, Windows Mobile and IPhone. However, it is really depended on mobile phone device. If a mobile phone device does not come with a styplus, it would be difficult to sign a signature.

Web Signature Viewer Handler Setup on Server Side

It is very simple. Basically you just need to copy the WebSignature.dll assembly to your application's bin folder, and then add the WebSignature.dll as a reference in your web application. You can drag-drop the control from your toolbox to your page if add the control to your toolbox. Now the control supports design time HTML render. You can customize your control in Visual Studio's design window easily. If you want to run your web signature pad in AJAX mode, you may need the following two mininum and optional setup:
  • Setup websignatureViewer HTTP handler
  • Setup a folder to save the captured signature images

Real Signature Very Cool

If this web page is running on your website, do you see a "Sign Here" image above? If not, a minimum setup is required for using the Web Signature Pad in AJAX mode on your web site. Such a setup is not necessary if you can see the "Sign Here" image when you check your website; or you do not use the web signature pad in AJAX mode. Such a setup is ABSOLUTELY unnecessary on client side.

For Web Signature applications in IIS 5, or 6 (Windows version less than Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008), in the section of <configration> <system.web> <httpHandlers>, add the following setting in the web.config file:

<add verb="*" path="*.sign.ashx" validate="false" type="RealSignature.SignatureViewer"/>
For Web Signature Pad application in IIS 7 or above (Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008), in the section of <configration> <system.webServer> <Handlers>, add the following setting in the web.config file:
<add name="SignatureViewer" verb="*" path="*.sign.ashx" preCondition="integratedMode" type="RealSignature.SignatureViewer"/>
If you develop your web application for IIS 7.0 or above in Visual Studio, you need add both of the two handlers' settings in the web.config file.

Folder for Captured Web Signature Images Setup

If you want to save the captured signature images in a folder without specifing a folder name in application, you can add the following line in the web.config <appSettings> section:
<add key="SignatureImageOutputFolder" value="SignatureImages" />


We provide very detailed documentation. You may check it to see if it is helpful. You can also download the document file.