iPhone, iPad and Android as signature pad

Does this control work in mobile devices? The RealSignature web signature pad can capture signature in full functions in iPad, iPhone and Android, Windows phone, Blaceberry. You can try the demo below; or any other demos in this website using iPhone and iPad. You can have a signature on iPhone, iPad, Android, WebOS mobile operating system without any software installations. We have tested from more than different devices such as HTC, Samsang, Huawei, Blackberry, Nook, Amazon Kindle Fire, and of course iPhone and Windows phone. Now you can turn your iPhone, iPad and Android mobile device as a signature pad!

Tips for capturing signature in iPhone, iPad and Android

  1. For end user, you can sign a little bit slowly, because the computing power of iPhone and iPad is not as strong as desktops;
  2. For developer, you can set the minPoints to a small number. 20 is recommended for iPhone/iPad while 50 is the default value, for the same reason.