Web Signature Control Demo

Just drag the control from your design toolbox to your web page then you can start a Web Signature Pad as the following. No single line code is required!

A Quick Web Signature Demo with the Default Settings; working on almost any Major Desktop and Mobile Device Internet Browser

No any customization. Just drop the control to the page and it works like the following.

This web signature pad works on all of the major desktop browsers that were released in the past 10 years without using any third party plugins: IE 5.5+ (and the various combinations of Browser Mode and Document Mode); Chrome 1.0+; Firefox 1.5+; Safari 3.0+; Opera 9.0+; and all of the major smart phone/tablet internet browsers: Android 1.5+; iOS any versions; Windows Phone 8.0+; Opera Mobile (but not Opera Mini); Blackberry 9.0+, Kindle Silk; Firefox OS, Chrome Mobile.

work on almost any major Internet Broswers

You are encouraged to try this web signature pad using any desktop, mobile phone or tablet Internet browsers. You may use the tools and services provided by the modern IE website, or mobile phone emualtor websites such as Mobile Phone Emualtor, BrowserStack, or Google Chrome Mobile Emulation Tool.