Web Signature: Capture Handwriting Signature in Internet With No Client Software

Capturing real handwriting signature online is very hard. Few application had been implemented but it has not been deployed broadly. It is simply because too much requirments on client-side: either a hand held device or a third-party plug-in installation are required. Now with our Real Signaure ASP.NET server control, to capture signature online cannot be easilier any more. Without any software or device installation on clien-side, evreybody can make a signature, written on the screen and have the file transmitted back to a server! Please try live web signature demo. Yes, it does work in iPhone and iPad.


Capture Signature in Internet

No Client-side Software, No Plug-in, No ActiveX, No Applet, No Any Device Installation

Support All Major Browsers Nothing. No plug-in installation. No any device installation. All Major Desktop Internet Browsers Are Supported. You can sign a web signature in Internet Explorer 64 bit which does not include any plug-in (even a Flash plug-in). According to Internet Browser Market Share Statistics, about 99% of internet users are using IE, Firefox, Chrom, Safari and Opera. This Web Signature works for 99% of the Internet users!

Signature in iPhone, iPad and Android

This web signature control DOES work in iPhone, iPad and Android (please download the latest version). The web signature pad itself works in other mobile device too, however, it is really depended on the mobile phone device. If a mobile phone device does not come with a stylus or supports touch events, it would be difficult to sign a signature.

How does the Real Web Signature Pad work on Internet?

With Web Signature Server control, to capture real signature online is as easy as the code in the following three lines:

    In the HTML part:
    <asp:WebSignature id="WebSignature1" runat="server"></asp:WebSignature>
    In the code part:
    if (WebSignature1.ExportToStreamOnly())
        Image1.ImageUrl = WebSignature1.ImageUrl;
        SaveSignatureToDatabase(WebSignature.ImageBytes, customerID, <other variables>);
    If (WebSignature1.ExportToStreamOnly()) Then
        Image1.ImageUrl = WebSignature1.ImageUrl
        SaveSignatureToDatabase(WebSignature.ImageBytes, customerID, <other variables>)
    End If

That's it. Yes, that's ALL you need to capture signature online with our WebSignature ASP.NET server control. Please try live web signature demo, or check the server side setup instructions.